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You want to Level-Up your Business and enjoy the Lifestyle you desire?

  • You want to have an even more successful business and fulfilled life, but you don't know how to break through that barrier holding you back?
  • You've already invested in different strategies and courses, read many books, but you still haven't achieved your goals?
  • You're trying hard to grow your business, but it's frustrating, and you don't want this to influence your time with your family and friends?
  • You love what you do and you're willing to invest in your personal and professional development because you really want to make it happen?
  • You can't imagine how you can achieve your goals without sacrificing more valuable time to live a fulfilled life?
  • You're searching for a sparring partner who supports you through accountability and can help you do what you're actually capable of doing?
  • You're fed up with all the unclear and unspecific information you've got on how to improve your business and life?
  • You're looking for hands-on actionable steps and tactics without fluff, straight-on and directed towards tangible results?

Are you ready to Create

a Quantum leap

in Your business and life?

Let us have a meaningful conversation

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When Choosing Us

In hindsight I needed this to become a leader...

I was not sure I'll ever get through with my PhD and I came close on giving up on that. But because of TIR and the transformation I went through, I was able to finish my PhD effortlessly. My relationships at work started changing as well and I became a leader, even for my superiors. Now I'm much more respected and I do like my job even better now.

Carolina, PhD Nurse Practitioner
work-life balance

Become more efficient with the use of your time, manage and plan your activities and energy to get things done faster with less effort, and enjoy more time for yourself and your loved ones.

your authentic self

Discover your strengths, strengthen your self-confidence, stop the influences and distractions from the outside, and start expressing yourself authentically, the way you are, your true self.

LIKE-MINDED community

Join a community of like-minded, growth-oriented, and supportive international individuals, get an accountability partner to help you move forward, and bring value to others through your support in return.

sparring partner

Helping you to do what you're not doing but you want to do. By closing the Knowing-Doing Gap you'll get rid of distractions and raise your effectiveness in decision-making and the use of your time.

the strategy from within

You'll learn the 595 formula and start believing in yourself, your ideas, your skills, your intuition, and your decisions. Create strategies that work for you and resonate with you without depending on others.

sustainable growth

Become the person who is going to be the success you want to be and create quantum leaps by design for permanent growth in any environment.

Be the change you want to see

Who is this for?

In order to change anything in life, the results we're getting, the way we use our time, the amount of money we're earning,... we have to be willing to change.

Are you ambitious?

Are you driven to make your dreams a reality?

Are you willing to change?

Then let's see if we are a fit!

  • Driven Entrepreneurs
  • Ambitious Individuals
  • Managers & Leaders
  • Teams

Find Out If This Is For You


I felt like I could use my skills but I was not sure what to do next...

I realized I need more awareness and understanding about who I am and what were the most important goals. Conversations with Marko helped me to understand important things. The lessons, insights and practical steps helped me to understand my goal clearer than before, to increase my self-confidence, to become happier and more serene. I’m doing more actions towards my goals now. I feel that I have powerful ideas and I’m a strong individual with an important mission for the world.

I strongly believe that Marko is capable of changing your life for the better. He loves personal development concepts and he has been studying these subjects for years. He understands people with all their nuances and details, and this is why he is an excellent coach.

Jaime - Expert Consultant

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Working With Us

We have been trusted by different individuals from different industries. Our clients are coming from 5 continents and have had wonderful results in different areas.

Some of our clients are: Coaches, Consultants, Entrepreneurs, TCM Practitioners, Psychotherapists, Sales Professionals, Network Marketers, Musicians, Pro Athletes, Wealth Managers, Accountants, CEOs,...

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We'll meet and get to know each other. We'll analyze your current and your desired situation and see if we are a fit.


Uncover The Roadblock

We'll uncover the root cause of your most pressing challenge and create a plan you can immediately act upon.


Unleash Your Potential

We'll work together to achieve your goals with ease, like on autopilot, so you can live the life you deserve to live.


I wish that many more people would get in touch with this method...

When I started TIR in July, I could not imagine the positive effect it would have on me… I am a TCM therapist, I own a studio for Chinese medicine and a Dojo for teaching karate. Before starting TIR, my business was not doing particularly good. I just couldn’t figure out how to do better, and my hard work was not giving me the results I wanted and expected.

This is what happened during the coaching with Marko: I received CHF 22,100.- for the month of November and I used the TIR method for December as well, and for the first time and within 3 weeks, I cracked the CHF 10,000.- turnover mark in my Studio. As you can see, TIR really works!


First Successes Have Been Achieved!

Working with Marko from Empowered Life has helped me as a start-up to further sharpen my strategy and set the right priorities.

My motivation has increased massively and the first successes in the area of customer acquisition have been achieved. The personal commitment and the great development program from Marko are highly recommended that have now a big impact on my future.

Thanks Marko, just awesome!

Michael , Running Coach

I Know We All Have Infinite Potential In Us...

I knew deep down that I had huge potential inside me, I knew - if others can, so can I. However, every time I failed at something, I condemned myself and told myself I was incompetent. And so, from year to year, my self-esteem deteriorated. Today I am grateful to God for myself, I am grateful for my life and for who I am. I know I have it and we all have infinite potential in us. Day by day, I am becoming more successful in my field and socializing with successful people, just because I have changed my self-image.

I’m into singing, I’ve totally improved my singing technique in one year, even to the point of winning the silver medal at the state singing competition and many more successes... Until then, I had never won any award.

Jan , Singer / Moderator

Do not wait. The time will never be just right...

Everyone gets into a situation in which they are not satisfied with their performance. Although you know what to do, there is often a lack of awareness and the energy to act. Marko helps to close this knowing-doing gap.

Marko through his coaching really helped me to understand how to implement all leadership concepts I have been learning. The entire 2020 was a challenge physically and mentally for almost everyone. While I was working as a National Guard member on the front, combating the Covid virus, TIR helped me to maintain my calmness and serenity. And just recently, in January 2021 I was promoted to a leadership position by my employer and will be getting their financial support with my master studies.

Martin , Sales Director / IT Consultant

He will open your eyes in every way...

There are always situations where you ask yourself how and why. With his knowledge and his calm manner, Marko can get you back on track in a short or long conversation. Uncertainties, fears or lack of motivation are no foreign words for Marko. He can offer you solutions that are still a long way off.

The construct "95% and 5%" is a secret weapon! If you want to know more about these numbers, get in touch with Marko. He will open your eyes in every way, how you can go through your daily professional life differently.

I can definitely recommend Marko to you.


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Are you ready to Create 

a Quantum leap

in Your business and life?

Let us have a meaningful conversation

and discuss your next steps!

The REAL Secret Inside “How To” Think & Grow Rich 

with Bob Proctor

The REAL Secret Inside “How To” Think & Grow Rich with Bob Proctor