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You're putting more and more work on your plate because of all the things you have to do, not seeing an end coming.


There are so many strategies to grow your business but which one is the one that works?


Despite all the work and effort you're investing in your business you're not hitting your goals.


You're doing your best and improving all the time but without noticeable effect on your business results.


You're trapped in your thinking about how to solve your problems without being able to let go of worry.


You're questioning whether or not you will be able to keep on growing your business and providing for your family in future.

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Create the impact you want by growing your business with the support and blueprint that really works.

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See your efforts pay off by achieving your goals faster.

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Your work will have a bigger effect on your business' productivity and its profit.

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Absolute certainty that you're on the right path will eradicate all the guessing and doubting.

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Know you have the tool that really works in any situation for any goal you want to achieve.

How to Grow Your Business Fast

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    Schedule Your Appointment to Get Your Situation Analysed
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    We Uncover The Root Cause of Your Most Pressing Roadblock
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    You Receive a Personalised Step-by-Step Plan For Execution

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Raphael from Switzerland


I would like to share one of my results - at the beginning of November, I wrote down my financial goal – my company will generate CHF 16,700.- by 30th of November. To cut a long story short, I received CHF 22,100.- for the month of November, thus exceeding my goal! I used the same method for December as well, and for the first time and within 3 weeks, I cracked the CHF 10,000.- turnover mark in my Studio.

As you can see, TIR really works! Thank you!

Martin from Switzerland


Sales Director / IT Consultant

Marko through his coaching really helped me to understand how to implement all leadership concepts I have been learning. The entire 2020 was a challenge, physically and mentally for almost everyone. While I was working as a National Guard member on the front, combating the Covid-19 virus, TIR helped me to maintain my calmness and serenity. And just recently, I experienced further results due to studying TIR with Marko: in January I was promoted to a leadership position by my employer and will be receiving financial support for my master studies.

How to Grow Your Business Fast

  1. 1
    Schedule Your Appointment to Get Your Situation Analysed
  2. 2
    We Uncover The Root Cause of Your Most Pressing Roadblock
  3. 3
    You Receive a Personalised Step-by-Step Plan For Execution

Stop Feeling Frustrated and

Start Making Progress in Your Business Now

I know your calendar is full, and you have a lot on your plate already. Adding more things to do looks very illogical and crazy. You basically feel like you live to work instead of working to live and enjoy life.

Every person is busy and has priorities that are important to them. However, in this case you’ll be doing something that is going to work in complimentary to your goals you’ve set and other priorities you have to take care of. Actually, it is going to help you get rid of your challenges faster and finish your prioritized tasks quicker. You’ll be more effective across the board.

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This works 100% of the time, guaranteed. There are two things to consider in order to make it work. 

First, and the most important thing is that you make up your mind that it will work, and you put everything you’ve got in it. It will work for the person who really wants to change and progress. 

Second, it is the fact that you might have done other coachings that didn’t work because the root cause of achieving results didn’t change. The PARADIGM didn’t change which is the root cause of achieving results. A paradigm is a multitude of habits stored in our mind - it is like an automatic system, and it controls your all of your results. 

An example would be “breathing”. This is an automatic system that you don’t need to think about or “make it work”. There are other automatic systems, a.k.a. paradigms, that work in the same way that you haven’t changed yet. Changing the root cause of achieving results will bring permanent change in your results.

You can expect to see results fairly quickly if you commit to doing what is required. What is required doesn’t take much time or effort but consistency. You’ll see the effectiveness skyrocket and productivity improve massively. Which then in return will have a direct effect on the results you will be getting. You will be able to measure your progress based on the goals you’ve set (e.g., sales, income, clients, leads, growth, ROI, …).

Have you heard of the phrase: “You can’t drink from an empty cup.”? You have to fill up yourself in order to be able to give. Give more of yourself to your business or job, to your family and friends, and at the end of the day to yourself as well. 

When your cup is already empty, when you’re empty, there’s nothing more to give. There is a general misconception that people should look for help when it is almost “too late”, instead of proactively seeking ways of improvement when things are still in good shape. 

You don't have to be sick to get better. The more we invest in ourselves and train ourselves, the better we get and the more we can give. You wouldn’t go into the fitness studio just once to become fit and expect it would last for the rest of the year, would you?

Although it is an investment up front before you even see any results, you’ll be improving your situation right from the start. Building high performance habits takes time, persistence, and accountability. In order to get to that next level of performing and having the results you want it will take some time and effort. 

It is not a one-fits-all solution but a personalized approach with accountability. In order to build high performance results, you have to be committed to progress, to grow, to step out of your comfort zone. What you’ll gain is something you’ll be able to use over and over again for the rest of your life.

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