The #1 Root Cause Why Entrepreneurs Fail In Business
Written by Marko Buric on Aug. 17th 2019
Entrepreneurs fail in business
Today I wanted to share with you something everyone can relate to, although it’s not a common everyday conversational topic.

Ever heard of limiting beliefs? Can you imagine what they are and what kind of effect do they have on our lives? 

I got to learn about this notion during my coaching and self-study time. I believe this can really help you to understand certain roadblocks and help you to see why you are stuck in determined areas of life.

“How do I identify what my limiting beliefs are, and how do I get rid of them?”
A limiting belief is a false belief or conviction that a person acquires as a result of making an incorrect conclusion about something in life, or much subtle and dangerous, they inherit them from family, friends, community beginning in the very early childhood. 

Such thoughts are being taught in schools and at universities, spread among working colleagues, by newspapers, media etc.

Let me make an example:
“You really need to work hard to earn good money.”
We all have heard this sentence numerous times, most probably from our parents. And we don’t even recognize it as a limiting belief anymore! 

Well, have you seen how many rich people don’t work hard, but still get more than good money? Right or wrong, they get it. In this case, we will set aside the idea of ethics, and we will concentrate on the fact that this belief is not true since there are several people proving it wrong. 

Therefore, if we believe it and live by it, our true potential will be limited by the belief we have. As a result, instead of enjoying life and earning well at the same time like many, we “will be forced” to work hard so that the outside reality matches our thoughts and we earn what we think it’s good money.

“I’m not good enough for applying for that job, and anyway, there will be lots of applicants and I don’t stand a chance!” 

See how such thoughts can prevent and stop you from experiencing success in any given area of life? 
You don’t even try, you just kind of give up. You limit yourself and make it harder than it should be, on an emotional level, as well as on the level of the results you are seeing in your life.

First of all, you have to understand that you start receiving and embracing ideas, thoughts, convictions, opinions already as a child, and this from your nearest and dearest, especially parents and siblings. 
So, those ideas are the most deeply rooted and most hidden in your subconscious. Those are also the most difficult to detect, and also have the biggest impact on our lives. 

Secondly, you need to know that our parents or teachers didn’t impress them onto us with intention. No loving parent really wants to hurt their child. They simply didn’t know better, and they themselves were conditioned by such limiting beliefs from their parents. 

So, in reality, we drag a big luggage of decades and centuries of inherited limiting beliefs and patterns that have been plaguing our family for years!

Don’t you think it’s about time to get rid of them, dive deep into your unlimited potential and experience real freedom and happiness?

Ok, now the question – how do I recognize those limiting beliefs? And most important, how do I eliminate them?

Let me assure you: it is impossible for you to have limiting beliefs and not know it, or should I say, feel it!

Here’s a straightforward, simple method how to identify limiting beliefs: any time you have a negative thought with a negative feeling attached to it about anything, this is a sign that there is a lurking limiting belief, which is causing that negative energy and negative results!

Here are some examples of “triggers” that indicate limiting beliefs:

1. Someone sends you an e-mail trying to sell you something, and you get upset about it. If you can’t rejoice in other people getting rich, and bless them in it, YOU will never get rich!

2. You get all mad because someone does something differently than you do. This indicates that you have a limiting belief that others have to be like you! It’s my way or highway! Telling other people what you think they should do is an indication that you are not allowing other people to create their life however they want….and it will prevent YOU from being able to!

3. You get easily offended, things hurt you very easily. “Being emotional”… This indicates that you need exterior validation, that in reality you don’t accept and love yourself! Talk about a limitation! Alert for another separate blog topic! :)

4. Every sentence that starts with “I don’t think……”, or “It can’t work…” Just your basic disbelieving and dismissing! You are stopping yourself, you are being your biggest obstacle! It shows that you don’t really believe that the Universe supports you!

5. Anything that you dislike or reject strongly, with very intense feeling. For example, “I hate the government!”

Getting rid of those limiting beliefs is very simple and quite hard at the same time. It is simple to detect them, but you need to put some work into eliminating them.

I suggest you to start examining yourself, by making a note of any negative feelings that you might detect within you. Write them down as you feel them so that you can analyze those feelings later.

Firstly, just put them on the paper. Seeing things written has a different effect than just keeping them in our head.

Secondly, analyze what they actually mean and in which area do they prevent you from experiencing freedom and success. Try to understand where do they come from and which part of your life do they dominate, e.g. relationships, professional success, money, friends…

And the third step is to neutralize such beliefs by REPLACING them with new beliefs or AFFIRMATIONS that suit you better, serve you and support you in achieving your goals. For example, instead of “Money doesn’t grow on trees!”, start affirming something like this: “I can easily earn money with my skills and experiences, and I deserve all the abundance I can create!”
I often compare limiting beliefs to shoes. When you were a child, you had very small shoes. They were fitting your feet at that time. Now as you’re an adult, why are you trying so desperately to squeeze your big feet into those tiny shoes? They don’t serve you anymore, and you need to replace them with new, bigger ones, with a different style, in a different colour, maybe different shoes appropriate for different occasions and activities.

Stop dwelling on your past beliefs, that might even not be yours, but inherited. 

Start creating your own beliefs, thoughts and affirmations, start changing your life for the better, start enjoying your time and be free!

Marko Buric

Marko helps entrepreneurs to take control of their business & life through building consistency and substantial growth. He is an expert at implementing success habits that result in peak performance and substantial improvement in finances.
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