Time Management Is a Myth and Why You're Unproductive
Written by Marko Buric on Jul. 12th 2019
time managament
OK, time to talk about… time!

We all know it’s precious, valued gift from above that we can put to good use with certain management techniques. In today’s highly-paced society, we always moan and groan about not having enough time, and time management skills are among the most wanted. 

But in reality, we don’t lack time, we’re just not efficient enough in managing it!

Personally, I enjoy getting things done and get lots of energy from the sense of accomplishment! If you’re like me, you will certainly profit from these tips and tricks about how to start doing things in a different way to accomplish more. And if you’re my opposite, well, you can profit from these really practical steps, too! :)

But let me start from a totally unexpected angle! 

Namely, first of all, you need some energy. Otherwise, how can you start working and accomplishing all your fantastic ideas and plans! 

Besides enough sleep, proper nutrition and exercise, etc….. we will start by the ONE MINUTE ENERGY MANAGEMENT EXERCISE. 

It’s so easy that everybody can do it. Literally. Everybody. Anywhere. Anytime. 

What you have to do is 1 full minute of energy bursts, i.e. exercise of whatever kind gets your heartbeat rate up. Don’t cheat! Full power at full speed! 

After that, have one minute with full recovery. This means that you let yourself plunge into your chair (or on a sofa, or on a bed), and breathe until your heart rate returns to normal. 

During breathing, repeat this in your mind or aloud, as preferred: “Thank you, thank you, thank you…” or any other gratitude affirmation you use. 

Here it’s not about the exercise; it’s about the chemicals that are being released from your brain as a result of the exercise and the subsequent sudden stop: adrenaline, endorphin, serotonin, dopamine, and finally later at night, melatonin

All those chemicals brilliantly produced by our fantastic engine body enable you to be energetic for much longer; as a result, you’ll feel better during the day, achieve more in less time or with less effort, and sleep better at night!

Now let’s talk serious business! 

Here are my time management tips:

1. Does it bring me forward?

Think about your goals and plans, and weigh all your activities against those. Does a certain activity move you nearer to your goal? Are they aligned with your purpose? Do you benefit from them in any way? 
If the answer to any of these questions is no, you should seriously consider deleting this activity permanently from your schedule!

2. Big, medium and little rocks

Imagine putting rocks into a jar. If you start putting in little rocks first, then some of the big rocks won’t fit! 

The same is true for our activities – if we wait until the end of the day to do the important things, having filled our day with unimportant things, we simply cannot avoid letting some important things undone! 

Organize your activities by “the size of rocks”. Put the big rocks in first, then the little rocks will fit around them!

3. Where are my keys and wallet? Phone? Glasses?

How many times are we searching for most common stuff, right when we need to leave our house and we’re losing some precious time. 

Organize your space so you can find things! Build some useful habits that help you putting your cell phone in the same place every night, your keys in the same place every night, your books in the same place every night. 

So when you need to take one of those things with you, you will easily and quickly find them. You won’t frustrate yourself with wasting time “hunting” and there will be no self-hate!

4. Smart multitasking

Contrary to the common belief, multitasking is actually very non-productive; but if you do it in a certain way, can be a real time-and money saver! 

This means: consolidate trips. If you know your gas tank needs to be filled, do that on the way to or from some other activity, e.g. grocery shopping. If you’re visiting some friends, on your way there you can leave that dress at dry cleaning. All activities can be planned to consolidate trips; it saves time and gas!

Organize your tasks in a smart way that you can follow through on them easily - don't try to do everything at once.

5. Start delegating

Teach your kids and/or other family members to take up or help you with some chores, like doing their own laundry, vacuuming, gardening, grocery shopping, cleaning, cooking. 

Delegating those tasks is good for several reasons: it is beneficial that kids learn such skills at an early age; they will be more independent and responsible; it shows them that you trust them and consider a contributing part of your family (not only the consuming or benefiting one!), and of course it frees up your time!

6. The “Six Most Important Things to Do” List

Write this list every night before you go to bed, with the intention to use it the next day. 

There should be 6 most important things you want to accomplish the next day. On the day you want to get them done, focus 100% of your attention on number one until it is done! 

The trick here is to be FULLY ENGAGED with the item number one, before even looking at, let alone moving on to item number two! Once your first thing is accomplished, move to item number two, and give that one 100% of your attention. 

Proceed in this way until you have done all of them. If you can’t get all six done with this method, DON’T engage in negative self-talk! You wouldn’t be able to accomplish them with any other method either! Instead, praise yourself for those items accomplished! 

Move the unfinished items to tomorrow’s list and put them on top. If you DO get them all done, look at the second list (here below, the “little rocks” list) and do as many of them as possible! 

Notice that this method requires that you are living in the moment with each activity, or with other words you are practicing the so-called mindfulness.    

7. The “Little Rocks” list

Here you include all the activities that you would like to accomplish but are not important enough to make it to the “big boss” list. 

If for example, grocery shopping is on the big list because your fridge is empty, you can put dress shopping on this second list (you already have 5 dresses in your closet). The “little rocks” list can continue to grow and grow and grow, and you can just scratch off the accomplished activities (and write the date when you did it) with one line through it as you accomplish them! 

Scratching it off gives a peculiar sense of pride and accomplishment, so you can use this technique also with the previous list. It feels good seeing your goals being accomplished step by step!

8. Affirmations, prayers, gratitude

Lots of times we forget this important step. We just rush to do things, but forget to center ourselves and gather our thoughts to find the inner balance. 

At the end of the day, after you’ve written your Six Things List and the Little Rocks List, as you lay your head on your pillow, give yourself some minutes for expressing gratitude (for life, health, abundance, accomplished goals, challenges, family, friends etc.), repeating your positive affirmations and end by saying this “prayer” to yourself: 

“Subconscious Mind, please help me accomplish the items on these lists tomorrow. Work on them while I am sleeping. Thank You!” 

The next morning you will be surprised, I can tell you! Your subconscious mind will bring one or more of the activities to the forefront of your conscious mind, work on them during your sleep, offering you solutions once you wake up, and you will fly through them with more energy than you ever dreamed!

Test those tips and let me know how you managed your time. I’m sure you will see improvements and lots of items scratched off your lists! Happy achieving!

Marko Buric

Marko helps entrepreneurs to take control of their business & life through building consistency and substantial growth. He is an expert at implementing success habits that result in peak performance and substantial improvement in finances.
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Marko Buric
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